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Geotextile In Nuapada


We, at Om Wire, are the top notch Geotextile Manufacturers in Nuapada. We have created a niche in the market as an innovator manufacturing quality products such as non-woven, Geotextile Fabrics, geomembranes, etc in Nuapada. All our offered products are designed to cater large and diverse numbers of customers, with long-term performance and minimum installation costs. Our Geotextile Materials are used in various road designs, waste management, reinforced vegetation for slopes and channels, sub-surface drainage systems etc.


Features of our road construction equipments

1)these help make the water flow easily, and hence form a drainage channel in the soil, thereby making the liquid and gas out of the soil.

2) these help make the focus proliferate, deliver and decompose efficiently and prevent the soil from destruction from outside factors.

3) Prevent the top and bottom layer’s gravel, soil and concrete from the mixer.

4) The mesh cannot be plugged easily – for the strain and moving quality of the network that is formed by the antitype fiber.

5) High soaking quality— it also can keep good soaking quality.

6) Corrosion resistant – using the polypropylene and polyester as raw material, this resists the sour and aid, erosion, boring and oxidation.

7) The construction is easy; the weight is light, convenient for using, and it makes construction easy.

We, at Om Wire, are the best Geotextile Suppliers in Nuapada. 

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