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Guniting Machine

Guniting Machine

We are positioned at the apex in manufacturing and exporting guniting machines of high quality. Pneumatic Gunite Machine are used for conveying desired mixer of dry cement, sand under air pressure at high velocity with just sufficient quantity of water for hydration. Guniting machine consists of a twin chamber gun and a twin water tank and is powered by air motor. The material is deposited on the desired surface through a placing nozzle under Compressed air. These Guniting Machines can also be used for stand blasting work by fitting on a sand blasting nozzle.

Uses : Used for repair work of concrete structures of all kinds including reinforced concrete and stone floors damaged by fire, weathering or chemical attack; repair of cracked walls, piles or beams of concrete and masonary; reinforcement of concrete structures and masonary; production of thin walled structures like walls, dams, shells in conjuction with steel fibre or mesh wire. Also utilised underground for production of watertight plaster for vessels, tunnels, dams etc., reinforcement or repair of foundations and load bearing elements, repair of bridge section, fire-proofing of iron structures, consolidation and extension work in mining tunnels and alleries and reinforcement of rock slopes, refractory castables in open hearth furnace, electric furnace, continuous casting ladle, blast furnace, boilers, cupolas, refinery vessels, insulation and fire proofing lining of piping and vessels etc.

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